Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miss 5 Going On 15

Last night when we got home, around 9, way after bedtime, Annie says "I'm 15 and 15 year olds go to bed when they want." Hands were on the hips, the full attitude was in full force.

I'm feeling ripped off from the innocent 5 year old experience I feel like I should be having right now.

Below are some random pictures taken over her birthday week.  I can't get it together enough to post regularly so this will have to do.

She choose rainbow themed cupcakes for her party.

Matt brought her home pink roses on her birthday.

As she does everyday, she choose a miss-matchy outfit to wear to school on her birthday.  She has recently told me she knows how to match clothes but she doesn't like to.

We had her party at Wonderland where the kids mini golfed.

Cousin Royal made it to the party.

The best shot I have of her friends.

Pete and I decided to try out the crawl structure.  Turns out it can hold a lot of weight.

Happy Birthday Miss Annie!  If you feel like slowing down the attitude and acting like a 5 year old a little more it would be much appreciated.  We'll take you however we can get you though!


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